Essay on Analysis Of Marx 's ' Marx '

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First, Marx opens by describing the purpose of this document and how the situation came to be. This manifesto was intended to provide a rebuttal to the powers of Europe who, for the most part, opposed communism. They fear its growing influence and so they use whatever means possible to stop it and Marx explains that it is high time the communist party describes its views and addresses the claims being made against them. He then explains the basic background behind his and the communist party 's beliefs. Marx explains that history was entirely shaped by a class struggle between the oppressor and the oppressed. Over time, manufacturing and industry became more advanced, which only served to magnify the differences between the wealthy and the poor, eventually leading to two very distinct classes: the bourgeois and the proletarians (Marx 1-14) The bourgeois are the powerhouses of society. They were able to take advantage of the growing technology and exploration to advance out of the middle class and become extremely rich. Through their wealth, the bourgeois were able to gain an enormous amount of influence in society. For example, they have “exclusive political sway” (Marx 18). In other words, the state exists entirely to serve the needs of the bourgeois. However, even more importantly so, their existence is bringing about a gradual disintegration of sentiment and true relations. People are now measured by the amount of material goods they own. Therefore, doctors, lawyers,…

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