Analysis Of The Book ' Essentials Of Psychology ' Essay

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In the book Essentials of Psychology the first three chapters are important ones and they each have multiple main points. The first three chapters are called Psychology as a Science, Neurological and Genetic Bases of Behavior, and Human Development. There are some main points in chapter one that I realized were in chapter one. One of these would be what exactly is psychology? Psychology is explained to be scientific study of mental processes and behavior. (1.1a pg 3)It is explained that psychology, and psychiatry are different subjects in that one involves research and one can involve application. This is an important part to learn because both of these are commonly mistaken to be the same type of area in the same field. While these two professions can relate to each other, they are quite different. Another main point of chapter one is that they are different areas of specialization within psychology, and there are two types of contemporary perspectives that still influence theory and research today. These two perspectives are called the Psychoanalytic and Behaviorist perspectives. It is interesting that these two perspectives have survived and are still widely used because they were developed in the 1900’s. This goes to show that they both garnish results when they are used in research. Some of the sub fields within psychology in this chapter are humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, etc. Each sub-field is important to learn and know because…

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