Analysis Of The Book ' Maus ' Essay

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Although there has been other genocides, the Holocaust has been the worst event that took place in history. Two million Jews and other minorities were targeted and killed. The Holocaust was successful in carrying out all the atrocities they did under the regime of Hitler, because Hitler and his followers were organize and tactical when caring out their reign of terror. Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic memoir, Maus, written by Art Speigelman’s (1991). The author writes about his father experience in the concentration camp. When reading the novel the readers can read that Art and his father, Vladex, don’t have a healthy relationship. There are times in the novel that the reader can feel Art resentment towards his father and dead brother who was killed during the Holocaust. An example of this is when art has to go to his father and he tells Francoise “They didn 't talk about a Richieu, but the photo was a kind of reproach. He 'd have become a Doctor, and married a wealthy Jewish Girl ...the creep.” “But at least we could 've made him deal with Vladex . ... it 's spooky having sibling rivalry with a snapshot!” (Spiegelman,1991, p. 15). Here one can infer that when Art was a child, he was troubled by the fact that his parents idolize his dead brother. When comparing Art and father relationship to other Holocaust survivor’s father and son relationship one can see that they don’t have a normal father and son relationship. The traumatic experiences that they went through in the…

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