Analysis Of The Book ' Piper Kerman Essay

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Many times in the book, Piper Kerman shares her frustration about the dehumanization that occurs in her prison and how the justice system is organized. Kerman was indicted on charges of drug smuggling and money laundering. A conspiracy charge accuses a group of people plotting to commit a crime. The accused are usually brought to court by someone who has exposed their criminal acts in exchange for immunity. Under a conspiracy charge, the defendant is sentenced for the total amount of drugs and crime involved in an operation, not for their own role in it, whether small or big. Even if Kerman were to expose all of the people in her operation, she still had to serve the minimum sentence. Federal judges are imposed to set sentences for drug crimes, regardless of the evaluation of the specific person or their situation. Basically, an individual person is not judged on their criminal act, or on their own previous life choices whether good or bad. This also reflects on the fact that a lot of accusations could be false, who would not want to blame or target specific people to reduce their jail time? The injustice that occurs in the process of a criminal being convicted is also reflected in how the prisoners are treated in jail. When justice isn’t essential in its own judicial system, there is a window opened for different types of oppression in prisons.

An example of dehumanization is the neglect that is presented towards the physiological and mental health of the prisoner’s shows…

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