Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Last One Standing '

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The Last One Standing
The American dream is viewed in today’s world as working to make the newest technology and make the best life possible, which is making it easy. This house embodies that ideal; however, it has turned into the American Nightmare. There is no work needed to be put in by this family to keep the house running. The house is the “human” working. It has taken over the American Dream.
Even though one can tell that the human race still can work “here the silhouette in paint of a man mowing the lawn.” the house is still able to do this work; “In the last instant under the fire avalanche…. cutting the lawn by remote-control mower”. The human house was made to do every bit of the work needed to maintain it and the humans.
The last part of the story in which the house dies is seen as a humanity trying to save itself. Frantic chaos ensues as would the human world if their houses were on fire. This was foreshadowed when the house read the poem for Mrs. McClellan. The poem was about how the human race would not be missed if it suddenly disappeared, just as the house would not be missed if it died and fell away. “August 2026” has one character in the story; the house is given human characteristics and observed to have human feelings and reactions. Everything about the house acts as if it were and artificial intelligence but human in nature. Though the story has already lost the humans, it is not the main focus; the house is plot and main character of the story.

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