Analysis Of The Movie ' Pietro Germi ' Essay

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Pietro Germi’s Divorzio all’italiana is a satirical comedy from 1962 that was based on the novel Un delitto d 'onore. Although it was originally a romantic story, Germi adopted it into t a story made so dramatic that it turned into a tragicomedy. To contribute to the humor of the film, portrayal of the rigid gender roles is seen along with the strict Catholic principles in Italian Society in the 1960s. Divorzio all’italiana presents gender roles by showing the premarital expectations of women, a man’s role in defending his family’s honor, and male masculinity.
Divorzio all’italiana is set in 1960s Sicily. Ferdinando Cefalù, a born aristocrat, has been married to Rosalia for twelve years and is very annoyed of her over-nurturing behaviors towards him. To make matters worse, he happens to be in love with his beautiful first cousin, Angela. In a setting where divorce is looked down upon more than the murdering of one’s spouse for betraying a family’s honor, Fefe strategically plots his over-nurturing wife’s death so he may marry his beautiful cousin, Angela.
Compared to mainland Italy, Sicily has “rigidly structured codes of expected behavior for both men and women”, as Reich explains in her book, Beyond the Latin Lover, about the popular persona of the male protagonist in Italian Cinema (Reich 52). There are three principle cultural codes that influence the lives of Sicilians which are honor, cunning, and friendship. Honor is the most important code and involves the family…

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