Analysis Of The Poem ' At Fourteen ' Essay

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Young minds are often portraying as stews of hormones and impulse, however the choices they make are frequently deeply based on theory and worthy of being treated in a particular way of greater consideration. The poem of “At Sixteen” suggests raging hormones, girls, and everyday life leads to a consistent struggle for teens because sixteen years old don’t think critically like an adult; for example their minds are immature. The literary elements of this poem such as tone, character type, symbol, mode of criticisms are the key to understanding the poem and a necessary feature of storytelling that can be found in a written fiction.
Edward Hirsh, who was born in Chicago, wrote “At Sixteen” and published in 1996. According to Hirsh biography, his “childhood was involved with poetry and became a well-known advocate for poetry as he grew”. In the poem of “At Sixteen”, an individual man had a natural strong desire to satisfy a carnal appetite with women. He was a waiter at a downtown restaurant and took his girlfriend to parties on Saturdays who wanted to get married and get pregnant. The other waiters laughed at his appetite when he wanted her so much he thought he die for it because she cared and loved for him. Furthermore, he hasn’t decided he wanted to “close the steel door” or stay with his girlfriend permanent and later out of the blue, got a new job in a warehouse next to the factory where dozens of women feeding machines.
The individual character has an appetite for women.…

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