Analysis Of The Poem ' Maus II ' And Persepolis ' Essay

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In Maus II, and Persepolis, Artie and Marjane continuously struggle with their familial and cultural identity. Similar to most youth, they have a strong desire to understand their parents’ values and their ethnic identity. Yet, in contrast, they are trying to cope with severe political unrest that is causing horrific violence and supreme prejudice against their ethnicity and political ideology. They see their parents as “heroes”, but later are disillusioned by their parents’ imperfections. In Artie 's eyes, Vladek radiates “HERO”, one of the few to survive Auschwitz. The stories of his father’s remarkable courage, ingenuity and perseverance impresses Artie profoundly. Vladek befriends the kapo, exchanging English lessons for inside information and safety. He contacts and gives food to his wife by becoming a tinman. When at risk of being transferred, he becomes a shoesmith. Later, Vladek trades a bar of chocolate and a day 's ration of bread for a clean, lice-free shirt, so that he would be served food, despite how minimal the portion [p.94]. These strategic survival feats lead Artie to author a book about his father’s trials in captivity. Conversely, Artie finds his father’s current behavior incredibly annoying. He feels manipulated to do what his dad wants. For instance, he guilts Artie and Françoise to stay with him after his wife left, saying “She took my money and she ran away. How could she do it, to leave such a sick man like me alone? But now at…

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