Analysis Of The Poem ' The ' Letter ' By F Wright. Wright Essay

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Saying Goodbye to E.L. Wright I remember being in a nightmare for almost three years. For me, at least, it was called middle school. Attending E.L. Wright was without the worst three years of my life. Most of the students and even one of the teachers were so mean to me. Everywhere I went, I was watched with hateful eyes. I would go to the bus stop and no one would talk to me, unless they wanted to start a fight. That’s why I was so glad to graduate from E.L. Wright. The only good thing that came out of that accursed school was some good friends.
Meeting New Friends
Some of the first friends I made were E.L. Wright graduates like me. After middle school we got enrolled in Spring Valley, where we met more people with common interest. Spring Valley is what changed my way of thinking about the world. I always believed that everyone just felt only hatred in their hearts for me. The teachers there were a lot kinder than the ones in middle school. The students there were much more mature as well. When I was at Spring Valley, for the first time in my life I felt I fit in.
How far Life can take you
During my freshmen year at Spring Valley, I lost two people I care about. The fist was a guy called Nickolas Rogers. Nick was one of the first people I met at E.L. Wright who didn’t pick on others. In some ways he was just like me. He didn’t make friends easily in middle school and he always tried to keep to himself. I don’t really know how he died. They say after he got off the bus, he…

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