Animal Farm By George Orwell Essay

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The novel Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, can have multiple points to it. One of the themes in this novel is that power corrupts minds. The setting of this novel is at The Manor Farm, eventually renamed as Animal Farm. In this book, characters that started out as protagonists ended as antagonists. Napoleon and Snowball, two intelligent pigs, created a law for the animals of Animals Farm to live by, trying to make old Major’s dream come true, but eventually greed, anger, and betrayal cause things to end up right where they started for the animals.
Animal Farm, Consists of various characters, such as, the humans, Mr. Jones, owner of The Manor Farm, Mr. Pilkington, owner of Foxwood Farm, and Mr. Frederick, owner of Pinchfield Farm, which are antagonists from the start. Then there are the animals, old Major, the middle white boar, Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher, the three dogs, Boxer and Clover, the horses, Benjamin, the donkey, and other animals on the farm, which are Protagonists. And then there are the three pigs Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer, which start out as protagonists and end as antagonists. The personalities of the humans affect the story by the pride of not wanting any farm to be operated by animals causing them to lose two wars against the animals called, Battle of the Cowshed and Battle of the Windmill. The story affects the personality of the humans by the animals taking over the farm, bruising the ego of the humans. The animal’s personalities (besides…

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