Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

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Animal Rights

When it comes to the topic of animal rights, most of us will readily agree that animal testing should be abolished. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question whether there are alternative replacements which are proven successful. Whereas some are convinced that animals shouldn’t be used because they’re very different from human beings and the results are not accurate. In my view, I agree that we should eliminate animal testing because the results may be successful on animals but can cause death in humans. However, I can see why many are for animal testing because there have been several case studies where drugs were medically accurate for human consumption. One reason animal testing should be removed is that animals and humans are different in anatomy and in the way the body functions. Humans have a profoundly complex body system which makes it hard to be compared to just any animal. For example, rats don’t have a gallbladder because they don’t digest high fatty foods like humans. A gallbladder helps a person remove cholesterol and remove toxins. Also, rats produce different enzymes for instance; they produce L-gulono oxidase which synthesize Vitamin C. Humans cannot produce L-gulono so therefore they don’t synthesize Vitamin C with helps prevent cancer. Testing rats on ways to find cures for heart or cholesterol would fail due to the differences. Therefore, “The rat is not an appropriate human model for studies involving lipids,”…

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