Essay about Anti Globalization Activists, Put Down Those Cell Phones

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Anti-Globalization Activists, Put Down Those Cell Phones
Globalization is often thought of as a negative or bad thing. At best, it’s portrayed as a necessary evil. Kwame Appiah, uses his diverse and seemingly contradictory cultural background as a jumping off point to illustrate that people who appear to be diametrically opposed at first glance will tend to share what he refers to as “universal values” (Appiah). With this in mind, I would assert that trade; to include global trade is a universal value. There shouldn’t be any reason I can’t buy phone accessories directly from the Chinese manufacturer or parts for my Triumph from a vendor in Great Britain. When there are more options, the consumer usually wins. Those who would seek to stop globalization should take a closer look at the items in their everyday life before they head off to the protest march. Globalization is everywhere and nearly impossible to avoid.
When not done in a dishonest or exploitative manner, both sides typically gain from the exchange. My big problem is with people that hate one company’s globalization efforts while praising or ignoring another with no sense that they might be missing something important. Wal-Mart is often held up as the largest symbol of globalization in the US, and usually in a negative context. Wal-Mart is a company that employs a workforce of 1.4 million people (Blodget, Henry). No matter how responsible they are, someone will find fault with them. After all, Wal-Mart…

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