Aristotelian Vs. Modern Perception Essay

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Aristotelian vs. Modern Perception of the Protagonist Affinity toward a character is often skewed by one’s own personalities and beliefs, such as the view of characterization within Aeschylus’ Agamemnon. In order to properly assess the protagonist within this play, first the thoughts of Aristotelian theory of tragic heroes will be overviewed, and their involvement in plot development. Next, this theory, and a specific main character approach by Aristotle, will then be applied to The Agamemnon, determining who the tragic hero is according to Aristotle. Finally, the modern interpretation of the protagonist of The Agamemnon will be inspected, comparing its clashing components to Aristotle’s original Poetics definition of the tragic hero, and a possible different character as the protagonist. A modern audience is often more open to interpretation, where alternatives are more apt to be considered, resulting in less strict definition of character. When applied to The Agamemnon, this causes a transformation of tragic heroes, deviating from Aristotle’s definition of character in Poetics, and applying modern understanding to an individual, disregarding prejudice.

As Aristotle explains in his definition and perception of poetic displays, whether dramatic or comedic, he continually brings up how the plot should ideally be progressed. It is natural then, for him to see the tragic hero or protagonist of a poetic work, as the one who progresses the plot most heavily. Aristotle…

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