Article Review : On Amazon Essay

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On Amazon, you can publish your own eBook that people can read on their Kindles and other reading devices. They pay a commission if people buy your book, but now they are rolling out a subscription service where people get to read books based on the money they pay for their subscription. An author signs up for the subscription service, which means people with a Kindle Unlimited subscription can read their book without paying for it.

Readers that subscribe can use their Kindle Unlimited all-you-can-read subscription, or read books via their Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL). Authors are not paid a commission when their book is bought. Instead, they are paid a commission based on how many pages the reader actually reads of their book. The author is paid for how many pages the reader reads when he or she reads it for the first time.

This brings up numerous problems, one of which is the determination of how long a page really is. The size and/or length of a page is often determined by the reading device and not by the book itself, so Amazon have created a standardized approach based on what they call a normalized page count. This means that page count is determined by content and not by size. This may stop people filling the first few pages of their books with images.

Con - Royalty generating ‘pages’ start when Amazon says they do

This means that Amazon decides where your book starts. It means that if your book needs to start with a lot of charts and images that your…

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