Assessment Of My Organizational Skills Essay examples

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Assessment of My Organizational Skills Organizational Skills are an important aspect of a good working environment and success of a business or organization. Without the proper organizational skills, a work center could suffer or struggle to succeed. Organizations are a team of people that are working towards the same objective or mission (Trenholm, 2014). Organizations need accurate work-content skills, certain personal attributes that contribute to a mission or goal, and todays technological skills needed to keep current and up to date in today’s environment. My whole careers has been in the U.S. Air Force military where the communications run downward, upward, lateral, with a chain of command used at all times. I’ve had to learn good organizational skills to do well in the military. Organizational skills that fit into the military are an important skill to achieve success as a positive contributing Air Force member. As I look at my own organizational skills that I have gained through coursework, personal experiences, and employment in the Air Force, I have found that I could be beneficial and effective in various other organizations. As far as work-content skills that are directly related to my current job in the U.S. Air Force military are self-discipline, management, leading, public speaking, multitasking, good communication skills (written and oral), teamwork approach and various computer abilities. All these skills are required to be a productive and…

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