Assignment Demonstrative Communication Paper

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Assignment Demonstrative Communication Paper
Paul Stief
Carlos Alcazar

In this paper I am going to discuss and describe demonstrative communication. In this paper we are going to find out what demonstrative communication is I am going to provide you examples of its affective and ineffectiveness. Furthermore we are going to dive into how demonstrative communication and both its positive and negative aspects for both the receiver and the sender. Once we have a good idea of what demonstrative communication is and how it affects us as human beings we are going to discuss how demonstrative communication involves both listening and responding. After our journey I hope to have a better understanding of
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When you’re angry your volume of your voice will get louder and shriller, your eyes will narrow and there may be a scowl on your face. Finally many people will begin to use the hands more when they are talking and the movements may get bigger. All these things put together will help to get the point across that you are mad (Nonverbal Communication Says A Lot, 2012). This being said nonverbal communication does not always work there are instances that it is ineffective. Ineffective non verbal communication is where a person’s actions do not reflect what they are saying. For example if you have an employer who is telling there employee that they are doing a wonderful job but then demotes them or cuts their hours this is contradiction in the employers actions and what they are saying. In instances such as these nonverbal communication is rendered ineffective with getting ones point across (Paapa, 2011). Next we are going to discuss how non verbal communication can be both positive and negative for the sender and the receiver of information. We will start with the sender the positive said of nonverbal communication is that through this form of communication you can convey a wide verity of emotions that help to get your point across. If you are telling a joke and you are smiling or laughing that is a cue that what you are saying is funny. The down side it that sometimes your facial expressions can

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