Aviation Professionals Need For Strict Qualifications, Attributes, And Ethics

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Aviation professionals need to strict qualifications, attributes, and ethics. Before I go over the four basic. What is interesting to find out is the qualifications that Aviation professionals go through is expensive, but need when dealing with billion dollar aircraft or safety of customers. Aviation professionals also need certain attributes when dealing with integrity, flexibility etc when dealing with a time consuming career, and last I will talk about certain ethics in the workplace. Aviation professionals’ number one priority is safety like every other job. It could mean weather, regulations, air traffic control, and navigation. Also understanding their job requirement and not allow drug addiction. Federal Aviation Administration major roles is to regulate civil aviation promote safety or developing aeronautics that include new aviation technology.
Another goal that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to do is air traffic control for both military and civil aircraft. As discuss earlier aviation professionals need to pass certain qualifications before earning their job. What mean earn is because people to complete certain training aspects before getting their job. For example, pilots need to do two to four years that it could cost a lot for training. Its easy to be certified by the FAA. Aviation Technicians professionals need to attend FAR part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools18 to 24 months…

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