Baldridge Paper

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The company I decided to write my Baldridge paper on is Electronic Arts (EA) video game company. They are the leading independent developer of entertainment software (video games) in the world. They have over 7,900 employees worldwide and last year they had of $3 billion in revenue. As whole last year including all video games accessories, systems, and games the industry had $13 billion in sales so EA was responsible for 23% of that and they only make games. They are the #1 producer of sports video games in the world and have been for the last ten years. For most video game company’s to have 2 games that sell over a million copies would put you in the top ten last year EA had 24 games sell over a million copies. Leadership has been …show more content…
John was the Chief operating officer at EA until he left in 2004 only to return in 2007 to be the CEO. To me it would be hard to establish leadership with 3 CEO’s in the last four years. I believe that to be a good leader you have to not only motivate your employees but lead by example. So when John left EA to go to a rival company only to return a few years later make me questions his loyalty. Strategic planning is something that EA has really improved on of the years. Most of the games that they make are released on an annual basis. Early on the company would release one of those games and then have that staff work on other titles. Sometimes this would keep designers that worked on one game last year from working on that game the next year because they were having problems finish a different game. EA then realized that they were going to have to hire more people and assign them to work on one game year round. So they had employees assigned into teams to work on a specific title only. What they have done now is established a team leader for each of their game tittles.
The qualifications to become a team leader are to have worked for EA for at least 5 years working on game development. The team leader is in charge of running game development and design. Their also responsible for keep the team motivated and are encouraged to make sure that the team works together to complete their tasks. They make sure that the

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