Battle Flag And The Confederate Flag Essay

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What does the Confederate battle flag stand for? Discussion’s on whether the battle flag should be taken down or fly high has spiraled out of control, and has become one of the biggest debates nationwide today. Multiple states have yet to determine which side they have chosen to represent. Each individual person has the right to their own opinion. Although, the question remain’s, is the Confederate battle flag a symbol of racism and hatred, or a symbol of American History? What percentage of the anti-confederate protesters truly know the history behind the Confederate battle flag? There were three flags of the Confederacy, and two Confederate battle flags. In 1861, the start of the Civil War, the official Confederate flag was adopted. It was known as the “stars and bars”. Due to the flag appearing as a copy cat design of the United States “stars and stripes” flag, it caused the soldiers, confusion on who was who and what side they were on in battle. Due to the confusion, it was decided they needed a separate flag while in battle. In November of 1861 the first Confederate battle flag was approved. The flag was also known as the “Army of Northern Virginia” battle flag. It was square in shape, and had 13 stars indicating the 13 Confederate states, it also had a white bunting. In 1863, a rectangular version of the battle flag was adopted. It is known as the Naval Jack, it is the flag that is commonly known today. Also, in 1863, the second flag that was created…

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