Becoming A Nurse : Impact Through Personal Reflection Essay

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Journey to Becoming a Nurse: Impact through Personal Reflection I was originally trying to get into policing; I gained plenty of experience volunteering with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and dedicated most of my early 20 's to that career. However, after numerous attempts to get into the police force, I decided to find a different career. An old friend was in the Douglas College nursing program and she persuaded me to consider nursing as a career option. After researching the career and the academic program, I realized it would be a perfect fit for me. I applied in 2010 and was accepted into the program for the fall semester. According to the rites of passage identified by Turner, the first stage is separation from previous social statuses (Holland, 1999). I began the nursing program without taking any of the biology classes beforehand. My first semester was heavy and I eventually failed my biology course. I have previously earned a diploma from Douglas College in Criminology. Then I worked many years in warehousing and I was not expecting this high level of education. Unfortunately, I had to wait a year to get back into the nursing program, however, I was able to make the most of this waiting period by working full time and completing all non-nursing courses. Nursing students get tested in both the clinical and college setting and this is reflective of testing endurance which I was not prepared for (Prout, 1989). During the period of separation,…

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