Being A Child Of Domestic Abuse Essay

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I know you 've heard of how women get their asses beat by their husbands or boyfriends and how they end up leaving and going right back. Well as a child of domestic abuse myself, when I was younger I could never understand why my mom never got her shit together, took us kids and just left. I told myself that I was NEVER going to be that type of stupid woman over a man.

But now I understand why, or at least, I realize what has prevented me from leaving and staying stay gone forever. I don 't know the details of why other women have stayed, but I know that in each of our own separate reasons, it had to be something incredible that held us there. I 'm going to just mention mine without trying to sound like I 'm making excuses which at first I thought they were but after doing some reading from Abuse Awareness books, my reasons were pretty justified. I mean, I 'm not happy about it at all, no but at least I know that I am not alone feeling this way.

There is this book called A Last Look Back: Understanding Abuse in which breaks down Obstacle barriers which enclose women in abusive relationships or circumstances. The outermost circle the three barriers is the Environmental barrier. It includes such things as being unemployed, not having andy credit, any money or even knowing how to handle money. It also includes not having a safe place to go in the community. I fall under this particular environmental barrier because I am not employed. I have literally been a stay at home…

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