Essay about Benefits Of Co Occurring Disorders

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Co-occurring disorders refer to more complex, challenging, and dangerous clinical picture; therefore require treatment continuity over a long period of time (Cann, 2015) Initially, harm reduction model entails, the interaction of his prescribed medication (Clozapine and anti depressant) and alcohol/marijuana must be evaluated. Taking clozapine and alcohol can together cause dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty in concentrating and it also impairs judgment (Clozapine and Alcohol, n.d). This interaction may have given a hard time to Tom in the work. Hence, he must be informed about this significant drug interaction. Secondly, somehow the client’s accessibility to psychiatrist was restricted, but he needs to continue to get medical mental help. Therefore, his options should be evaluated to find a psychiatrist. Furthermore, his treatment plan has to be integrated with his potential medical mental help. Thus, multidisciplinary work must be provided in this his treatment due to his co-occurring mental health problems. Additionally, in the course of treatment, Tom’s father should be involved this process as much as possible, because he profoundly needs support. He indicates some suicide risk factors such as unemployment, having schizophrenia, being White male, using alcohol, etc. (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan (2013). Therefore, the counselor may need Tom’s father help.
Tom’s psychotic disorder seems to be in partial remission, however, in case of insufficient medical…

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