Billabong 's Quest For Consumer Attention Essay

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Hurley and Billabong’s Quest for Consumer Attention

Advertisements play a key role in America’s economy, impacting the purchasing decisions we deliberately or unintentionally make. Whether it be a Unique Selling Proposition or an offer they cannot refuse, if used correctly, advertisements can be extremely persuading. Clothing corporations in particular, utilize techniques that enhance brand recognition. Surfwear companies, such as Hurley and Billabong, attach pathos to their brand logos and advertisements. They are selling the idea that the buyer is, or has the potential to become, a member of the exclusive society of surfers and their way of life. This idea can be emotionally appealing to an audience that values free-spiritedness, athleticism, and a connection to this great and natural force - the ocean.
Hurley and Billabong are very well known surf brands, and both utilize advertising techniques that attract long time surf fanatics, newcomers, or would-be watermen alike. The layouts and emotional themes are done very similarly. In two recent print advertisements from these competing surf corporations, both feature a photographic image of a wave as the main focal point. In each it is as if the ocean is beckoning to the audience, enticing you to become one with it. In both the brand logos are easily identifiable, but off to the side, not directly in the center. This suggests that the company brand justifiably leaves the center stage to the ocean.

Despite these two ads…

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