Biography Of Martin Seligman 's Psychology Essay

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Martin Seligman started with a brief history of psychology. The last half century, psychology worked inside the disease model. Some successes include: making fourteen of the disorders treatable and two are curable. In addition, the science of mental illness concepts developed and psychologists invented drug treatments to solve certain mental disorders. Unfortunately, psychology made three critical mistakes: psychologists and psychiatrists became victimologist forgetting people had freewill; psychologists forgot about making undisturbed people happier and more satisfied, and they never developed solutions to make people happier. In the last decade, psychology has focused on the more positive aspects of psychology.
In his study, Dr. Seligman identified three different happy lives. The first is the pleasant life, this is where a person tries to gain as much pleasure as possible. Unfortunately, this life is partially heritable and happiness quickly reaches diminishing returns. The second is the good life; a person in this life has “flow” when they are working at their job. Lastly is the meaningful life. This life consists of knowing your strengths and using these strengths for a higher purpose in life. The meaningful life provides the most happiness for the longest period of time.

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