Biological Psychology Essay

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Biological Psychology
Melissa Thompson
University of Phoenix

Biological Psychology When most hear the words biological/psychology, many tend to have trouble rapping their mind around it. Psychology is the study of behavior, so how does biology fit into this equation? Well we have to assume that our brain has influence or somehow effects are behavior. In order to prove or disprove this theory, we have to research the biology and psychology of both the brain and our behavior. So how do we do this, well first we have to understand the brain and how it functions, as humans we have roughly 100 billion nerve cells in the brain. This is an overwhelming amount to keep track of at one time but ever so important to researchers. Nerve
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From Descartes’ ideas came Descartes’ innate doctrine, Descartes doctrine explains that the mind can exist without the body. The mind is an immaterial substance, the mind and body are not identical. Of course, as science seems to go forward more and more proof points to the two, mind and body being intertwined. Knight Dunlap, advanced the information on biopsychology with a book he wrote called “An Outline of Psychology,” and “Psychobiology,” William James, also wrote a text book called, “The Principles of Psychology.” While, the main idea of biopsychology did not originate with these two men. What there impute in this text did, was to open the door for psychology and biology, to be studied together instead of as a separate entities. Biological psychology consists of many different areas, such as paleontology, evolutionary biology, neurobiology, and neuroscience. Much of the research being done is in hopes of helping individuals who suffer from cognitive disorders, many times accompanied with physical deficits. Such as autism and Alzheimer’s. Biopsychology is also committed to finding solution to such disorders as schizophrenia, and depression. The general idea is that these disorders are somehow related to the chemical imbalances in the human brain. These imbalances make neurons tramitions dysfunctional, and like I said previously, with 100 billion neurons to watch and research, in this is a field of study. There is

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