Blues and Jazz Influence Paper

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The Influence of 1920 Blues and Jazz on Modern Music
Mark Carter

The Influence of 1920 Blues and Jazz on Modern Music This paper is will try to show how the music that started with singing of old songs by the slaves to influences the music that the world listens to today. Shaping the music of Rock and Roll, Country and Western, and Easy Listening that influences every aspect of society’s everyday life are Blues and Jazz. In an interview many years ago on television, heard by this student, John Lennon said that the biggest influence in his musical life was the Blues. John Lennon started listening to the Blues before listening to any other type of music; the result of this influence on him can easily be seen. Because of
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Records made did not become big sellers, so the Blues artist would record under different names to ensure that bad albums would not follow them around. Finally, desiring these new different sounds, the albums were selling and “the music of the slaves” was enthralling to music lovers. Experts consider Bebop, also known as Bop, as the beginning of modern jazz. Bop began in after-hours’ clubs in New York with some of the most important Bop innovators, such as alto-saxophonist Charlie Parker, trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, and pianist Theolonious Monk were playing a more complex, solo-driven form of Jazz. Bop was the first style of Jazz that had no association with dancing; instead, the focus was on improvisation and music for musicians rather than for the public. Consequently, Bebop groups did not enjoy financial success (Aaberg, 2006). The city of New Orleans features prominently in early development of Jazz; Chicago became the focal point for Jazz in the early 1920s. Improvising (making up music at any given time) or playing Jazz from written are two ways of creating Jazz music. Jazz is different from other types of music because it can combine different approaches to its arrangements (History of Jazz). Men like B.B.

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