Brand Equity And Corporate Social Responsibility Essay example

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Brand equity is a primary interest among corporations, and to achieve brand equity, corporations often connect their products, and further their brand, to the values of their customers. Western consumers have started to value social responsibility among the corporations they purchase products from. Thus, Corporate Social Responsibility, (hereafter, CSR), has become integrated into many corporation 's marketing efforts to adhere to the values of its consumers. CSR and profit maximization has now become interchangeable, as corporations use advertising as a means to promote social responsibility. Additionally, advertising CSR enhances the brand image and ultimately maximizes profits, while often dismissing the actualities of a corporation’s participation in social issues.
Products are no longer at the center of industrialized economies; but rather, brands are the center. Nancy Klein states in her article, New Branded World, brands are a "necessity of the machine age" because products are becoming increasingly the same, and there is a need to differentiate between companies (5). Thus, companies need to ensure their products differ from other similar products on the market. Corporations further have to ensure their image differs from other brands. Brands are more than a logo to catch a consumer’s eye; a company needs to have a "brand identity or a corporate consciousness" (7). Corporations must embed themselves with values, beliefs, and goals that are conducive to the…

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