Essay on Burnout Can Have Devastating Side Effects From Stress

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Work Stressors
Burnout can have devastating side effects from stress but what causes burnout? To understand burnout, how work environment plays a role is important to examine. This paper will continue to examine work from Killian, C.S. Warren et al, and EastWood and Eckland to examine different stressors at work that may influence the likelihood of burnout. Supervisors and managers discuss the importance of self-care outside of work, but there are things that can be controlled for inside of work that are often overlooked. C.S Warren et al.(2012) looked at stressors in general and found the stressors were either work related, patient characteristics, nature of the consumers disorder, and therapist variables. Killian (2008) explores the different effects of locus of control, work drain, personal trauma history, work morale, social support, and work hours.
Different work related factors are around time commitment, additional work demands, lack of organizational support and resources, and difficulties with team coordination. Along with Killian the difficulty with work drain, and time commitment relies on feeling that there is not enough time to fully complete all tasks at hand. Difficulty with lack of resources can be compared to low work morale, feeling of repeatedly running up against road blocks, and the difficulty with the team in general. Some of these different stressors, an individual can either feel they have power over or feel powerless depending on their locus of…

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