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Structuring your Part A assignment:
Your Part A assignment should have three clear sections: 1. Introduction 2. Description 3. Conclusions

1. Introduction (Information):
Introduce the graph. What is the graph about? What information does it present? When was it published? By whom is it published? Where is it situated? What time period does it cover? What does it indicate/measure? (what units of measure etc) .

2. Description (Observation):
Describe the graph in relative detail (see example below), using business English vocabulary and terminology.
What do we mean by relative detail? As a rule thumb, if you were to read your description to someone on the phone they would be able to visualize your graph quite
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1 the OR was 30% from which point it rose steadily to reach 40% on Feb.1.

During the ensuing 10 weeks the OR fluctuated between 30-40% until mid-April when the hotel experienced a surge in occupancy reaching 60% on Jun. 1.

At that point the OR levelled out and remained constant till mid-July when occupancy began to fall significantly, dropping to a third quarter low of 30% in late August.

In September however, occupancy picked up again, increasing dramatically for three consecutive months to reach a peak of 90% in early December, to be immediately followed by a sharp decline to 70% as the year ended.

3. Conclusions (Interpretation):
Interpret the data, albeit briefly. Try to draw some conclusions (max. 3x) regarding the graph behaviour (possible causal factors) and if appropriate, mention some possible implications for the future.

Tip: Drawing conclusions based on the evidence in the graph is NOT: * Sharing your personal opinions about the subject! * Summarizing the main observations!

Graph language

Graph language cont.:

Adjectives and adverbs in graphs:

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