Essay Business Ethics And Operational Strategy

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Business Ethics and Operational Strategy
Ethics is not a new subject in the business world. Ethics has been into business implementation for over hundred years. They act more like a set of standards that needs to be addressed while doing business, with the development and growth of the industry, companies are showing their concern about their corporate responsibility. There have been lots of debates on the issues about poor eminence among the workers and the responsibility of the employer towards this issue. Due to past encounters and reports on various unethical activities by some of the major brands in the industry, there is a significant rise of the concept for social responsibility amid business sector this initiative includes integration of numerous ethical aspects such as certification system, conformity to financial report standards, partnering with the community groups, establishing codes of conduct and sponsoring the projects that are intend for community improvement. The responsibility of social life used to be administered by the local government.
I strongly believe that companies should establish their own self-regulation policies. Since the recent reports regarding the use of unethical activities by some of the big brands in the industry led a lot of negative media attention and there is a huge pressure on business sector about the outcomes of their policy of the society. Well, I believe that the main pouring factor in this unethical behavior by the companies…

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