Can Technology Improve The Quality Of Education Essay

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Wintana Tekle
Professor Michael Pabich
ENGH 302-BB5
20 July 2015

Can technology Improve the Quality of Education

In March of 2010, the United States Department of Education released the first public draft of the National Education Technology Plan (NETP). This plan, titled "Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology," revealed the Obama Administrations intent to include technology and implement major changes in the basic structures of American education with the end result being to have America lead the world in college completion by 2020 (NETP). Many changes have been implemented in the educational system and technology has been slowly but surely been integrated into the classroom for both the teacher and the student. Did adding all the technology really improve the level or quality of education in the classroom, especially in elementary schools?

The NETP document touches on many foundational structures. There are 5 core sections that are presented: learning, assessment, teaching, infrastructure and productivity. Each core section outlines concepts for using technology to holistically transform education, with the aim to achieve each goal by 2015. (NETP)
• Learning: Change the learning process so it 's more engaging and tailored to students ' needs and interests.
• Assessment: Measure student progress on the full range of college and career ready standards and use real time data for continuous improvement.
• Teaching: Connect teachers to the…

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