Essay about Carbon Cycle And Discovered That I Had Not Imagined

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I looked at the carbon cycle and discovered that I did affect this cycle in ways that I had not imagined. Of course I was aware that I do produce carbon just by breathing and perspiring. There are other ways that
I did produce carbon that were subtle and did affect the carbon cycle too. The carbon cycle is very important in maintaining a balance in our planet. It helps to sustain life on the planet as we know it. This cycle happens on its own, but we have somehow altered it in many ways. Some of which we do not even realise. In some cases we knowingly do this. Goosse H et al (2005)

When I use my petrol driven lawnmower on my lawn, I increase the carbon that is release into the atmosphere. My petrol lawn mower is very efficient. It uses petrol to operate. I do like this lawn mower in particular because, when I got it, it was broken. I managed to fix it even though I am not trained for that sort of thing. The fact that I was able to fix this lawn mower myself made it one of my favourite toys, if I can put it like that. It would not change my life if I were to reduce this impact that I make with the petrol driven lawn mower that much. I could find an alternative lawn mower that uses other sources of energy.
I could look for an electric lawn mower or a manual lawn mower or I could even get a hand held slasher and slash the lawn. It would not be too difficult to balance my personal choice to help protect the environment, by not using the petrol lawn mower.


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