Carl Rogers 's Theory Of Personality Essay example

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Carl Rogers developed his theory of personality from his experiences in counseling centers where he believed that a client-centered approach was the most effective way to understand human relationships. Using this approach, he outlined the importance of non-directive discussion and unconditional positive regard for the client, both of which are discussed below. This paper will further explore his client-centered approach, the organismic valuing process, the conditions of worth a person develops, and the characteristics of a fully functioning human being. The organismic valuing process is an internal bodily mechanism that passes judgment on the worth of an experience and consequently enhances the growth of an individual (Ryckman, 2013). Simply, it works by rating one’s experiences on a value scale. Experiences that assist an individual in their pursuit of self-actualization are viewed as more satisfying and beneficial. In contrast, experiences that work against self-actualization are viewed negatively. An example of this process in infants, according to Roger, is seen when infants hold a high value on food when they are hungry, but reject food when they are satisfied. In adults, the process is much more complicated because adults face more complex and variable judgments in their day-to-day experiences. Also, their value systems may be influenced by the people around them. However, Rogers believed that although one should take into consideration others’ opinions, the…

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