Case Analysis : The Loan Officer 's Reports And Opinions Essay

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In the world of finances, ethics are very important because business is based upon trust and integrity. The Finance industry functions around challenges taken by organizations and individuals; it is less likely to invest in an untrustworthy organization. In Case Study 8.3, the loan officer’s reports and opinions are important in the decision making process. They are given a high degree of trust and integrity. There are standards for managing and underwriting portfolios of loans. In order to maintain ones integrity (by being truthful) the company’s standards have to be implemented in all steps of managing and underwriting. Therefore, it was unethical to omit the owner’s credit card debt on the credit assessment.
As a bank employee, one’s loyalty is to doing what is ethical for the best interest of the employer. Concealing crucial credit assessment information will not save jobs for the dealership in the long run because of unethical deception. However, in this case, he wants to lie to his employer for the sake of the business owner, a selfish act. The employee is jeopardizing his business and his business with the bank by using personal credit cards to generate company funds. Although the dealer changed his actions and began to take the appropriate business handling route during the recession, his previous actions proved lack of character and integrity. By omitting the information his ability to be trusted and his lack honesty will certainly be question by Amanda.
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