Essay about Case Study Of Cailtin Leggro

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Case Study
Cailtin Leggro is a 27 year-old female who presented to the outpatient oncology clinic at Mount Carmen Hospital for treatment. She is being treated for anal cancer with IV chemotherapy. Her diagnosis of anal cancer is new, and this is her first scheduled treatment. She is currently enrolled in nursing school to become a nurse and works as a patient care assistant at a local hospital. One of the outpatient oncology nurses, Zack Snider, was assigned to be Caitlin’s nurse for the day. He was scheduled to administer her chemotherapy at 0930. Another nurse, Austin Lennord, started Caitlin’s IV in her right hand at 0800 so that she could receive her chemotherapy. The oncology clinic was understaffed, so the nursing staff were assigned many patients to care for, making the patient load strenuous for the nurses that day. Zack Snider was assigned four patients whom he was to provide care for that day, one of which was Caitlin. Due to his heavy patient load, he had to start Caitlin’s chemotherapy treatment around 0945. He started Caitlin’s chemotherapy and went to check on and care for his other patients. Around 1035 another nurse Sarah Albright overheard Caitlin’s IV pump alarming, silenced the alarm, and notified Zack. The pump stopped alarming so Sarah assumed that Zack had taken care of the alarming pump. Around 1115, Caitlin activated her patient call light, indicating that she needed assistance. Nancy Auer, a nurse practitioner (NP) in the oncology clinic happened…

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