Case Study Of Licensed Practical Nurses ( Lpn ) Essay

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Management basically refers to the act and attitude of being in charge of responsibilities of controlling other people or activities. Management comprises of Planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling an organization with the aim of accomplishing a set of common goals. Management can also be expressed as an activity that controls and monitors workers in any organization with the target of achieving some desired goals set by the firm. With the changing time, management has also evolved. This is as a result of decentralization in the model of the organization where management has evolved resulting in some alterations, in the duty of management. Nowadays, management mainly focuses on facilitating the activities of the workers rather than controlling them as was the norm in earlier days. Proper management is best tool to ensure productivity in an organization or a company.

In hospitals there must be coordination between the doctor and the nurses. In this case, licensed practical nurses (LPN) are meant to follow up the medication diagnosed to patients by the doctor. Nurses are the link between the doctor and the patients since doctors have many patients to attend to. However, LPN 's duty is to ensure hygiene of the patient as well as their condition. They are also trained such that they can offer emergency treatment whenever the doctor is not around. Nurses are known to hold the toughest task in hospitals because they deal with different patient, and…

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