Cast Away Essay

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Cast Away Extra Credit * In comparison to his first few days on the on the island, what differences did you notice in Chuck Noland after he resided there for four years? What changes take place the longer that Chuck is on the island?
--During the first few days of living on the island, Chuck tries to save the packages that he managed to save, but after a while of living on this island, he opens the packages in hope of finding something useful. This is the start of his shift into becoming disconnected with his previous life. Before, he was a very precise and detailed man. After a while Chucks stops thinking the precise and detailed way he used to think, but begins thinks in terms of survival.

* Describe the psychological state
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He chooses to save the packages instead of opening it to see if there is anything that can be used for survival. He is trying to hold onto his past life of a perfectionist. However, this lifestyle prevents Chuck from having a better chance of surviving. This demonstrates how the human condition is when people have difficulties in letting go of a past life. This attempt to hold on to something that can never be regained leads to those people to find troubles in dealing with their present situation because they are trying to solve it with old and possibly outdated methods. Once Chuck learns that he has to let go of his past ways, he begins to live better while on the island. When he opens the packages, he is able to think in terms of survival, which allows him to be able to make fire and catch fish, which allows him to eat better food. * How do the versions of the conflicts (man vs. nature and man vs. self) dramatically heighten according to their portrayals by the director?
-- The author illustrates the conflict of man vs. nature through his struggle to find food and survive on the island. When Chuck finds the ice skates in the FedEx box, it demonstrates his desperation to survive on the island. However, his ability to survive is restricted by his own limits. As a perfectionist, Chuck constantly gets in the way of a better chance of survival. One example is when he chooses not to open the last FedEx box because

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