Cell Phones And Its Effects On The Lives Of The Household Essay

840 Words Jun 30th, 2015 4 Pages
In this day in age it is almost rare to find someone who does not and has never had/used a cell phone. In the Canadian society, cell phones are causing many negative effects on the lives of the average household. Cell phones have caused a loss in communication skills, people becoming too dependent on technology, and having easy access to distractions at any time. I do believe cell phones have their purpose and can be very useful when needed, but when people abuse the power they hold in their hand, is when they become an issue. Abbreviations in “texting” such as LOL, BRB, BTW started out be harmless, but as the time has gone on, people are paying less attention to their spelling and grammar. You has become U, no one knows the difference between there, their, and they’re, and too many people think that ‘to’ and ‘too’ are the same thing. Social media might have been the start of the poor grammar and spelling, but texting has just made it worse throughout the years. Personally I try to at all times use complete words and sentences when I use any form of electronic communication, but then I will receive a response back full of miss spelled words, many forms of ‘text-language’, which not only do I find completely annoying but also almost difficult to carry on a conversation with that person. When you receive a message back that has the wrong spelling of a word it could completely change your perception of what is trying to be said, or it can just confuse you completely. I know…

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