Character Paper

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Devang Patel
February 8, 2016
Professor Madsen
Character Paper
“Six Feet Under” The HBO drama Six Feet Under follows the lives of the fisher family. They run their family owned funeral home. Six Feet Under is a family oriented drama. The fisher family has just lost their father in a car accident. The pilot introduces the members of the family and shows the viewer how they grieve individually and as a family. Six feet under is a tragedy drama, because it deals with death, coping with it, and what comes after. Tragedy dramas force viewers to sympathize the family and relate to what they are feeling and dealing with. The Character architecture of Six Feet Under’s pilot episode is that of an ensemble cast. An ensemble includes a group
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Nate doesn’t know what he’s doing with his life. He moved away a long time ago and still doesn’t know where he’s going. Nate is charming and good with women, but struggles with his life and where he’s going. In the pilot he tries to be an anchor for the family and help support them, and by the end of the episode his mother asks him to stay longer than originally intended. David Fisher is the younger of the brothers. While Nate ran off to find himself, David stayed home and followed in his father’s footsteps to become a mortician. He resents his father and Nate, even though it was ultimately his choice to stay. He is a very anal person similar to his mother, while Nate is more laid back, which was clearly similar to their father. David is struggling with his sexuality. The viewer learns that David is a homosexual, but his family doesn’t know, obviously because David fears how they might react. He runs the funeral home now. It’s made clear he wants to prove he is capable of taking care of the family because he tells Nate that he already got out of the family, and that he should stay out. Ruth Fisher is the mother of Nate, David and their sister Claire. She is grief stricken by the loss of her husband, and this grief is only made worse when Ruth breaks down with guilt over an affair she had long ago. When looking at Ruth it is clear to see where David gets his controlling personality from, as Ruth is equally a control freak. Even though she loves her family, she is

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