Essay on Children 's Rights : Children

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Children’s rights. Now that the phrase is in your head, what do you see? Do you see a 4 year old who has been abused by her parents and is now in foster care? Do you see a 6 year old who is locked in the house alone while his parents are out at a dinner party? Do you see a 12 year old who has been sexual abused by her uncle and no one believes her? Do you see a 15 year old who is not allowed to play on the baseball team for school because he is black? Do you see a 17 year old who was raped and is now being forced by her parents to have an abortion, because it is to humiliating for them? These are all violations and the negative side of the children’s rights, but maybe you see the positive side of the phrase. Do you see a 6 year old sitting in school receiving a proper education? Do you see a mother, shopping with her 17 year old daughter for clothing for the baby she is about to have? Do you see a couple teenagers pushing their 14 year old friend around in a wheelchair at the school dance so he can enjoy himself like everyone else? Children’s rights can be much simpler than people first believe. They can be as simple as a child being able to go outside to play or as complex as the right to stay with their siblings in the foster system. So just what are children’s rights? Let’s break it down. Mirriam-Webster defines a child simply as, “a young person, especially between infancy and youth.” This definition is not a deep enough definition of the word “child” for its readers…

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