Chinese Immigrants And The New York Essay examples

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When the new couple kissed, guests gently tapped the cup with chopsticks to congratulate. The bridge was Hong Feng, working in a tailor shop, the bridegroom was Lili Tian, 28 years old, a chef in a restaurant. When the fingers of bridge rested on the shoulder of bridegroom and their lips touched each other, over 200 guests cheered.
In the one of the biggest Chinese restaurants in manhattan, there were another three more weddings were in process, accompanied by cheers from their families and friends. The shelf slowly pushed by waiters were loaded with vairous kinds of chinese food. everything was in red, including the dress of bridge, carpet in restaurant, table cloth and other decorations. For chinese, red traditionally symbolized the festival and happiness.
Nowadays there are 250,000 newly immigrant Chinese living in manhattan’s chinatown. All above-mentioned newlyweds are newly Chinese Americans. 3% population of New York is Chinese, who are the fastest growing group of people in NewYork. It is estimated that 12,000 people come here legally and the almost equal amount of people arrive here illegally.
This is a true portrayal of Manhattan’s Chinatown in 1998. It seemed that life for Chinese during that time is not easy, compared to Chinese students who can afford expensive tuition and fees to study in Columbia University. But if we asked Hong Feng and Lili Tian, they could say that they were having a better life, compared to thirty years ago, when the…

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