Civic Rights : The Right From Harm Essay

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One definition of civic rights includes the right from harm by another party. The Fourth amendment of the constitution guarantees citizens the right from intrusion by government agents, on a state or local level. Much of the law in criminal code has been written with the interest of extending the rights of citizens from harm by other citizens. This view of the right from harm has also informed the aforementioned Supreme Court Cases, Miller v. California (1973) and Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire (1942). Following these cases, many appeals have been made to broaden the types of speech protected as free speech by the First Amendment, and the discussion of what constitutes a civilly responsible expression of the right to free speech continues to the present. Another definition of civic rights draws attention to the right of citizens to perform activities including economic participation, political speech, assembling groups, forming a personal identity. The population of the United States continues to vigorously push for an expression of this aspect of civic rights, ensuring that private enterprise and the freedom of assembly (both guaranteed in the First Amendment). For workers organizing into trade unions for their rights, the right to freedom of assembly has been secured only through consistent struggle. According to the International Workers of the World, the definitive legal right to collectively bargain as a union was finally granted in the United States in the year 1932…

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