Classroom Management At The Twentieth Century American Literature

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Jennifer was feeling disengaged from her class and was unable to make a connection with most of the student’s interest. Could she have lost their interest or even imagined an entirely different class? Possibly had Jennifer not been engaging enough or was the unit materials? Was the principal right? As a first time student-teacher Jennifer must remember that teaching, classroom management and unit building take time with trial and error. Jennifer should continue to present the Twentieth-Century American Literature Unit to her 11th graders and become flexible and willing to modify the unit as needed. It is not clear if Jennifer had included the student’s opinions and ideas before creating the unit, however, there are multiply ways to change and connect the unit to fit the students need and interest. Teachers try to manage much of student’s learning in school, however learning is enhanced if students are able to manage their learning themselves to even equip them for outside of school learning. Teachers should be there as a guide to help establish goals, to persevere, and to monitor their learning progress. Including this skill into the classroom will help students acquire the necessities to manage their own learning. Once students have taken on this role from the opportunity provided by the teacher, teachers may find it easier to modify units and activities to fit the needs of their students. If I was Ms. Jennifer, a first-time student teacher, I would seek additional support…

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