Classroom Management Behavior And The Classroom Essay

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Classroom Management Behavior

Classroom management can be challenging and can disrupt a learning environment to the extent that no learning occurs. As the classroom dynamic changes, so does the recognition and rewards. Teaching in special education environments has similar challenges, predominately behavioral. Students often come to class unprepared, intentionally disruptive and disengaged on learning, as one can imagine this can be stressful especially when the classroom size exceeds that of a desired student teacher ratio.
One of my most memorable students had a hard time adjusting to the structural environment of the classroom. This student was very disrupting; he often talk out, yell across the room at other students, disrespecting both the other students and me, he would often get out of his seat, or play with toy cars. When asked to put things away, he would have tantrum by yelling disrespectfully across the room, or at the other classmates. At times, he often became violent by throwing things and intentionally destructive.
At the beginning of the school year, on the first day of school this student was expelled for three days. In an effort to help identify the best tools to help him to be more engaged in learning, I began to research his education career. Unfortunately, there was no efficient Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) that was set in place for this student, the prior year he was placed at Special Programs and his transfer was revoked, and he was send…

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