Classroom Observation At The W.l Essay

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My classroom observation took place in a second grade inclusion classroom at the W.L. Morse School in Tarrytown, N.Y. The classroom consisted of one general education teacher, a special education teacher, and a teacher’s assistant. There were 22 students in the classroom and eleven of these students had IEP’s. Four of the students were ELL students. Throughout the day students were pulled for speech and occupational/physical therapy. In addition, an ELL teacher would push in for math and writing lessons. The classroom space consisted of one room with a door to an adjacent smaller room in the back. The back room was used to test the special education students and to deliver all of their writing/book review/ essay lessons and workshops. The main classroom had a blue u-shaped desk in the front that the special education teacher would sit in as she worked with the special education students for all other lessons. The student’s desks were arranged in rows facing the smart board. There is also a list of student jobs that are changed weekly on display. At 8:15 the students arrive for the day. Upon arrival, the students place their backpacks in their lockers, their math homework in a bin, and pull out their composition homework books to be checked. Students have homework Monday-Thursday. Once their homework has been checked, students immediately start writing in their notebooks. Every morning, the general education teacher writes a question on the board. This question…

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