Classroom Observation Essay

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Classroom Observation

Conducting classroom observations are very important to the prospective teacher. Observing helps show how experienced teachers manage their classroom. For this observation it was important to notice how the classroom was arranged, how the teacher interacted with the students, the teacher’s management style, and interview the teacher. Upon speaking to the principal about observing he assigned me to Mrs. Johnson’s third grade class, because she was the best organized. I was surprised when I walked into the class and it was not pristine and in perfect order. Shelves are organized with baskets but the baskets are overflowing with books. I was glad to see
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The only time they are not allowed to go to the restroom is during reading but if they wish to go during reading they lose two letters. One student asked how many letters he would lose during reading if he went to the restroom and Mrs. Johnson told him two. He then looked at his paper decide he had enough letters left and told her he would take the letters marked them off himself and then went to the restroom. Later she told me she would put the letters back because he really needed the restroom but if it became a routine she would not continue to give the letters back.
What are the expectations of your administration and district in building your classroom management plan? There are few expectations from the administration and district in building classroom management plans. The school requires the rules to have three topic headers which are respectful, responsible, and aware what the teacher fills them in with is up to the teacher. The other requirements are to stay positive and send home a sheet to the parents that tell what is going on in each subject. Below is a copy of the sheet with students names blacked out. This sheet is only required for grades kindergarten through sixth.
Does the discipline model of the school and district vary from yours? Explain. Mrs. Johnson said that the discipline model for the school and district does not vary from hers.
What has been the most effective way to communicate with a disruptive child’s parent or

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