Classroom Observation Essay examples

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I had the pleasure of observing a classroom containing kindergarteners through second graders. In these classes I observed two students. One male one female. They had a variety of different traits and displayed skills to provide information of their development. Each of these children was at different stage of their development. I also visited a special needs classroom. They had a variety of traits that showed their development as well. They differ from the other students I observed.
Average school aged children gain the ability to cut straight lines and cut out shapes with scissors. They usually have a noticeable preference for the right or left hand. They are able to participate more in self care by brushing their own teeth and, for the
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During snack time he would sit and eat alone and would only respond to the teacher calling his name.
Now the female student let’s call her Sally was a second grader. She was more advanced then Billy of course. She was showing displaying her physical development by drawing straight lines and being able to draw pictures free hand. She showed her cognitive learning skills by reciting a poem her teacher asked her to memorize. She could recite the whole thing without looking at the poem. Her social development was clear to observe. She was talking to multiple people playing and interacting with them. She would name them friends and even called some best friends. In the special needs class I observed another male student. Lets call him Johnny. Johnny was very polite. He demonstrated his physical development by staying in a straight line when he was cutting a piece of construction paper. He had more of a physical development than his fellow students. He was able to complete tasks faster and more efficiently than his class mates. He didn’t however show much of a cognitive learning development. He was unable to remember directions and sentences he was asked to memorize. This caused him to get frustrated and get mad at other students. His social development was demonstrated at this point. He had few friends because of his short temper. Other students were very polite to him but he would get upset and drive them away. The female student,

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