Classroom Observation Essay

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Classroom Observation

For this math assignment I chose to study a first grade classroom. Mrs. Cooper a first grade teacher told me that she would be honored to have me observe her instruction for as many days as I needed to complete my assignment. When I first stepped into her classroom, Mrs. Cooper told me that I could look around and one of the first things that I saw was a series of posters to help children in mathematics. The posters had the following message:
· Numbers: This poster displayed the numerals 1 through 10, and next to each number there were color cartoon animals representing that number. Example, next to the number 3 there were three yellow ducks.
· Animals: This poster displayed animals and numbers as well. But
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Another station in the classroom was set up on a table and on this table were a bunch of buttons, I would guess about 100. The buttons were different colors and sizes along with some large post cards displaying simple addition and subtraction problems. At this station the children were encouraged to find the solution to these mathematical problems using the buttons. Mrs. Cooper told me this was going to be a part of their Math Lesson Plan for today.
Once all the children are in the classroom and have about ten minutes to discover the stations Mrs. Cooper had all the children place the items they were playing with in the appropriate place and return quietly to their desk. Upon returning to their seats Mrs. Cooper greeted the children very enthusiastically with a "Good Morning, everyone" she further asked them how their morning was and if anyone had anything exciting to share with the class. Mrs. Cooper then asked with a raise of hands how many of you remember sets and what less than and more than means in the world of numbers. About six or seven children raised their hands. Mrs. Cooper went on to explain, that as a class they would be working on using buttons and flash cards. She had one student from each group come to the front of the classroom and get a bag of buttons and a pile of flashcards and return quietly to their seats. She

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