Climate Changes And Its Effects On The National Economy Essay

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The probable causes of this phenomenon would obey profound alterations between the atmosphere and ocean, which would be generated in the region of the tropical Pacific, causing abnormalities in the general circulation of the atmosphere with varied effects reverberating globally. The occurrence of this phenomenon results in climate changes, mostly accompanied by abundant rainfall, alterations in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, issue straight influenced and negative impacts on the national economy population .El Nino and La Nina both are the most obvious examples of global climatic oscillations, and essential part of a vast and complex system of climatic fluctuations. La Niña is characterized by colder temperatures and lasting if it is compared with El Niño as it is characterized by curiously warm sea temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.
Under normal conditions the Pacific in South America from Chile to the south of Ecuador, they are cold and rich in nutrients and generate an ecosystem abundant marine life that explains the fishing wealth of countries like Peru. The cold water is due to the Humboldt or Peru which comes from the Antarctic waters. In its route between northern Chile and Peru it generates, along with circulation of trade winds, desert coastal areas considered among the driest areas of the world. Sometimes the trade winds weaken and attenuate the cold Humboldt Current, which causes from the other side Pacific from Indonesia and Australia, the warm…

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