Clinical Psychology Week 1 Paper

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Examination of Clinical Psychology

Lisa Brown


April 6, 2015
William Philadelphia

Examination of Clinical Psychology

This paper will be providing an examination of clinical psychology. This examination will include discussing the history and evolving nature of clinical psychology, the role of research and statistics in clinical psychology, and the differences between clinical psychology and other mental health professions such as social work, psychiatry, and school psychology.
History of Clinical Psychology The field of psychology was born in 1892 with the American Psychological Association being founded. Clinical psychology was born four years later, in 1896 with the first psychological clinic being opened
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Sigmund Freud was influential in the discipline of clinical psychology as his work and writings were reawakened in the year 1900. Freud believed there was a mind and body connection that could bring about physical and mental illness. His publication in 1900 was about the interpretation of dreams and this was widely accepted as the psychoanalytic perspective. Freud’s psychoanalytic perspective was soon adopted in the child guidance clinics as they quickly grew in the United States (Brown, 1940). In the early days of clinical psychology, the growth was due to the lack of interest that the American Psychological Association had in clinical psychology. Clinicians grew frustrated with the lack of support from the APA and left the organization in 1917 to form the American Association of Clinical Psychologists. Two years later, in 1919, the APA and AACP reconciled their differences and the AACP joined with the APA as a clinical section. World War I and World War II had a big influence on clinical psychology as the need for psychological testing and treatment were desired. The U.S. Army contacted the APA to develop psychological and intellectual tests for recruits. Following this war, psychologists were well-known for their intellectual and psychological testing skills. With World War II, testing was needed for military recruits again. After World War II, clinical psychologists were needed more than ever to help the veterans

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